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When I first went to the Northwest Wellness Group, I was very skeptical that they would be able to help me due to my age and physical condition. However, Karla was optimistic after listening to all my apprehension, so I decides to try it. The entire time was caring and concerned to address any problem that I was having They worked with me, helped me and encouraged me to take the steps to improve my quality of life!



After having two hip replacements and two double inguinal hernias surgeries over the last 5 years I had several issues with pain, a slight leaking and many trips to bathroom at night, I also had a blood flow and numbness issues in groin and pelvic area.

I found it very hard to find any pelvic floor therapists, that would treat men!

I finally found one therapist and they mostly did cupping and some lymphatic and electrode stimulation, results were very little improvement.

It was a blessing that I found the Northwest Wellness Group! and I was lucky that the day I went to the office that Dr. Rosie Radford was at the desk and I described my issue to her and she immediately set up a program allowing me to see all three Pelvic floor doctors in her group Dr. Wente, Dr. Brennan and including herself to insure that I got maximum range of specialty treatment from her group, and I immediately began to see results.

After the initial session, with Dr. Karla and her associates i began my routine treatment with Dr. Karla Wente who is absolutely a wonderful therapist, and a very caring person!

She is so talented, and she has a common sense approach and always keeps you involved in the treatments. She makes you feel so comfortable during these private embarrassing issues.

You know you are being treated by a person who really cares about you as a person, and helping you as a patient.

She has a personal pride in her ability to achieve success for you against all odds. It should be noted I am over 80 and she enjoys a challenge.

Karla diagnosed my pain issues immediately they were a result of scar tissue due to surgery and began treatment which resulted in eliminating my pain and stopping the leaking and cutting my nightly trips to bathroom from every 1.5 hours to 3 to 4 hours in between or cutting ny trips more than half.

She continue to work with me on the numbness and blood flow issues as I continue to show signs of improvement.

I highly recommend Northwest Wellness group and the fine pelvic floor Doctors, Including the front office manager Nordene who keeps appointments organized.

This is a first class operation!

Especially Dr. Karla Wente who I am deeply grateful to. You are a very talented and caring person! Thanks Karla.



Rosie Radford, DPT embodies the best of warm spirit, thoughtful engagement, and dignified care. Devoted to her profession, Rosie brings deep wisdom and sensitivity, and partners with you (and your family/loved ones) in the exploration and treatment plan for your unique healthcare condition. Rosie understands the importance of bridging physical health, mental health, and spirituality into her holistic approach toward pain reduction, healing, and recovery.

SP, 59


My experience at Northwest Wellness was wonderful. Taylor listened to my whole story and did a fantastic job of making me feel at ease and relaxed at every visit. She was very knowledgeable and shared her info with me so I felt educated as well. The care I received was extremely thorough and I definitely noticed positive changes with my treatment. Thank you for making what could feel like an awkward situation such a pleasant experience.

KR, 41


My experience with Northwest Wellness was life changing. The therapists were extremely knowledgeable in demonstrating and explaining the function of the exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor and body core. I learned how to do exercises correctly to keep my pelvic floor strong without injuring or harming myself. I am excited to practice these exercises for years to come.



Several years after having my prostate removed, I began urinating blood. A trip to the ER resulted in the
bleeding stopping without treatment.

My urologist wanted to do an exploratory procedure to make sure my penis, bladder and kidney were not
damaged in some way that could cause bleeding. As a result, I became incontinent.

I was referred for physical therapy to Rosie. With a combination of treatments, including lower body muscle
strengthening, I returned to full urine control in a surprisingly short time.

I was very distressed when this problem began. I struggled with having to wear Depends all the time and
always checking for bathrooms when I went out. Rosie cured my problem and saved my sanity.

I am grateful to her every day.

Richard, age 70


I have had endometriosis, pelvic floor dysfunction and lower back pain. Rosie is THE best therapist I have ever been to. I’ve tried the “commercial” and hospital therapy services – they don’t even come close to comparing to the level of care you get at Northwest Wellness. You are #1 here, never just a number, never rushed and, they take the time to educate you on your issue and send you home feeling way better than how you came in. Northwest Wellness is the best.

Agatha, age 33


I had a great experience with my bladder pulling upward & not hanging because of the exercises I learned how to do from Rosie. I really liked the one on one learning of the exercises so I knew the proper way to do them and get the most benefit out of the exercise. Rosie is a wonderful, kind, and caring doctor that I felt very comfortable with and appreciated all of her expertise on the bladder and all the muscles surrounding it. Because of Rosie’s help I did not have to have any surgeries. I’m very thankful for being highly referred to her from Northwest Women’s Consultant Group, Dr. Geittman said, “Rose was the Best.” I think she’s awesome and I would recommend her to anyone having bladder issues.

Beth, age 56


After years of searching for answer and multiple urologist visits, I was finally diagnosed with Chronic Prostatitis and told that nothing could be done to relieve my pain.

Although I continued to visit multiple doctors, none seemed to understand the condition and this was beyond frustrating.

I lived in pain for years feeling hopeless but, I did not give up. And, finally I met Rosie at Northwest Wellness. In just a few visits, I began to feel relief for the first time since my symptoms started five years ago.

Northwest wellness has taught me to be more mindful of my body and listen to what my body is saying. They’ve taught me invaluable breathing exercises along with stretches and other exercises I can do at home. I’ve been visiting Northwest Wellness for around three months and never thought I would feel this good again.

I struggled for many years feeling hopeless with this pelvic pain and now Rosie and her staff have given me my life back!

Kevin, age 38


Rosie is a fantastic therapist. As an athlete and a mother of two, I have been to many different physical therapy clinics for a myriad of reasons. Rosie is one of the best because she combines two aspects so well: knowledge of the body and care of the client. Rosie taught me more exercises than previous therapists in the same field. Her knowledge and understanding of the woman’s body is superior. Moreover, Rosie is completely approachable, honest, and kind. She very patiently explained anything I needed to know and made me feel very comfortable despite some vulnerability. Plus the ambience of her office and therapy room is very relaxing and soothing. Despite living 45 minutes away from Rosie’s office, I believe every session was worth it and I am so grateful I found her.

Jeanine, age 38


My experience was nothing but positive. Dr. Radford was very thorough and explained the diagnosis and its symptoms very clearly. She was patient with my concerns and helpful when answering my questions. She listened when I re-stated my understanding of the therapy goals & expectations. Dr. Radford demonstrated exercises I could do at home to better manage my diagnosis. I appreciated her flexibility in what was covered during our sessions based on my concerns. When the processing of my insurance had a “glitch” she was very understanding and quick to resubmit the needed paperwork.

Kathy, age 59


I was referred to NW Wellness, Rosie Radford, for symptoms related to pelvic floor weakness by the urogynecology group at Loyola University Medical Center—Women’s Health. Although I’ve been evaluated by several other PTs in the past, Rosie was the first to assess my whole body, (as opposed to isolating the portion of my body that I was referred for). Rosie identified areas of asymmetry and specific areas of weakness. Over 5 appointments she taught me exercises to successfully avoid surgery, for now, which was my goal. Along with her calming “zen” office, Rosie creates a comfortable setting which allowed me to easily discuss intimate medical history and symptoms, which allowed for specific, effective therapies.

Luna, age 58


I have been utilizing the therapeutic services of Dr. Rosie Radford for “over a half a decade.” My daughter was also blessed to have the opportunity to work with Dr. Radford. Dr. Radford’s therapy work and education have had life changing effects for both of us and put us on paths that changed our daily lifestyles in positive, life lasting ways. Dr. Radford is what I consider the “Gold Standard” of physical therapy (pelvic care)
What does that mean? Simply put:
1 – Her magnitude of knowledge is exemplary.
2 – Her professionalism (10+++).
3 – Although she is highly professional, she is first and foremost “REAL”, down to earth and deeply compassionate and understanding of all physical and emotional conditions.
4 – There is no subject matter that she will not broach.
5 – As you engage in her assessment and conversation, your shoulders immediately drop – she puts you at a level of ease that one could only feel with a best friend.
6 – Her therapeutic working environment is clean and serene. She has created the environment of a spa-like experience that emits a sense of simplicity and peacefulness.
7 – Regarding the nature or sensitivity of physical needs, Dr. Radford is gifted in how she addresses one’s doubts or fears with the utmost of care regarding issues of a delicate nature.
Her compassion and genuineness always comes shining through. As years have passed, I have recommended numerous family and friends to Dr. Radford. All of whom have come away with the same feelings of being deeply satisfied with their personal care she provided. Living in an era with drive-thru like service and care, anyone would quickly realize that Dr. Radford’s care and expertise are anything but assembly line service. Care and thought with a high level of integrity go into her every approach. I can not say enough about her as a medical professional. She is just an amazing human being. She has touched my life deeply , and I am grateful she was placed in my path to help me, as well as others I have recommended to her. It is my hope her practice will flourish her whole life through, and she will continue to help and bless countless others, as she has done for me.

Kathy, age 55


Rosie is a Godsend! I can honestly say I got more out of therapy with Rosie than expected. It took a lot of courage on my part to even go to my first appointment. I was embarrassed about my bladder issues. After countless visits to the urologist, test after test, I was taught to use a self-catheter and was told there was nothing that could be done. Boy did Rosie prove them wrong! I am truly glad that I sucked it up and went to that first appointment. I noticed a change almost immediately. With the biofeedback machine Rosie was able to determine the problem wasn’t my bladder it was the fact that I could not control my pelvic floor muscle. With Rosie’s assistance, her amazing biofeedback computer, electrical stim and exercise I was able to use my pelvic floor in the proper manner. Most importantly I learned how to control my pelvic floor muscle. Yes there were some uncomfortable moments throughout treatment but Rosie made me feel at ease. She is patient, competent, gentle, caring and kind.
My life has been changed in more ways than one. It’s been a year since I last used a catheter thanks to Rosie’s skill and dedication to helping me. A big bonus is that this treatment improved my intimate life. Now that I have control of my pelvic floor, I once again have feelings that I thought were lost forever.

Gina, age 51


If you need a specialized physical therapist, I highly recommend Rosie Radford. Rosie is very competent, kind and compassionate about her work. Rosie is truly professional and puts you at ease knowing how difficult and personal these issues can be. Rosie had genuine concern for my treatment and well-being. Most importantly, Rosie’s treatment worked!

Dan, age 50


I feel very fortunate to have found Rosie. With her help and guidance, I have been able to control my overactive bladder and to avoid medication and or botox treatments recommended by a urologist. Rosie gave a very thorough initial interview and exam to help determine the best treatment. She was always very professional, at the same time very pleasant and approachable. The combination of exercise and biofeedback really worked! I am now much more comfortable and confident. I would highly recommend Rosie for treatment involving any pelvic issues.

Mary, age 74

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I feel very fortunate to have found Rosie. With her help and guidance, I have been able to control my overactive bladder and to avoid medication and or botox treatments recommended by a urologist. Rosie gave a very thorough initial interview and exam to help determine the best treatment. She was always very professional, at the same time very pleasant and approachable.

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