Posted on: May 22nd, 2019

After years of searching for answer and multiple urologist visits, I was finally diagnosed with Chronic Prostatitis and told that nothing could be done to relieve my pain.

Although I continued to visit multiple doctors, none seemed to understand the condition and this was beyond frustrating.

I lived in pain for years feeling hopeless but, I did not give up. And, finally I met Rosie at Northwest Wellness. In just a few visits, I began to feel relief for the first time since my symptoms started five years ago.

Northwest wellness has taught me to be more mindful of my body and listen to what my body is saying. They’ve taught me invaluable breathing exercises along with stretches and other exercises I can do at home. I’ve been visiting Northwest Wellness for around three months and never thought I would feel this good again.

I struggled for many years feeling hopeless with this pelvic pain and now Rosie and her staff have given me my life back!

Begin Your Journey to Better Wellness

If you need a specialized physical therapist, I highly recommend Rosie Radford. Rosie is very competent, kind and compassionate about her work. Rosie is truly professional and puts you at ease knowing how difficult and personal these issues can be. Rosie had genuine concern for my treatment and well-being. Most importantly, Rosie’s treatment worked!

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