Posted on: May 22nd, 2019

I have been utilizing the therapeutic services of Dr. Rosie Radford for “over a half a decade.” My daughter was also blessed to have the opportunity to work with Dr. Radford. Dr. Radford’s therapy work and education have had life changing effects for both of us and put us on paths that changed our daily lifestyles in positive, life lasting ways. Dr. Radford is what I consider the “Gold Standard” of physical therapy (pelvic care)
What does that mean? Simply put:
1 – Her magnitude of knowledge is exemplary.
2 – Her professionalism (10+++).
3 – Although she is highly professional, she is first and foremost “REAL”, down to earth and deeply compassionate and understanding of all physical and emotional conditions.
4 – There is no subject matter that she will not broach.
5 – As you engage in her assessment and conversation, your shoulders immediately drop – she puts you at a level of ease that one could only feel with a best friend.
6 – Her therapeutic working environment is clean and serene. She has created the environment of a spa-like experience that emits a sense of simplicity and peacefulness.
7 – Regarding the nature or sensitivity of physical needs, Dr. Radford is gifted in how she addresses one’s doubts or fears with the utmost of care regarding issues of a delicate nature.
Her compassion and genuineness always comes shining through. As years have passed, I have recommended numerous family and friends to Dr. Radford. All of whom have come away with the same feelings of being deeply satisfied with their personal care she provided. Living in an era with drive-thru like service and care, anyone would quickly realize that Dr. Radford’s care and expertise are anything but assembly line service. Care and thought with a high level of integrity go into her every approach. I can not say enough about her as a medical professional. She is just an amazing human being. She has touched my life deeply , and I am grateful she was placed in my path to help me, as well as others I have recommended to her. It is my hope her practice will flourish her whole life through, and she will continue to help and bless countless others, as she has done for me.

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I have had endometriosis, pelvic floor dysfunction and lower back pain. Rosie is THE best therapist I have ever been to. I’ve tried the “commercial” and hospital therapy services – they don’t even come close to comparing to the level of care you get at Northwest Wellness.

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