Posted on: May 22nd, 2019

Rosie is a fantastic therapist. As an athlete and a mother of two, I have been to many different physical therapy clinics for a myriad of reasons. Rosie is one of the best because she combines two aspects so well: knowledge of the body and care of the client. Rosie taught me more exercises than previous therapists in the same field. Her knowledge and understanding of the woman’s body is superior. Moreover, Rosie is completely approachable, honest, and kind. She very patiently explained anything I needed to know and made me feel very comfortable despite some vulnerability. Plus the ambience of her office and therapy room is very relaxing and soothing. Despite living 45 minutes away from Rosie’s office, I believe every session was worth it and I am so grateful I found her.

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If you need a specialized physical therapist, I highly recommend Rosie Radford. Rosie is very competent, kind and compassionate about her work. Rosie is truly professional and puts you at ease knowing how difficult and personal these issues can be. Rosie had genuine concern for my treatment and well-being. Most importantly, Rosie’s treatment worked!

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